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My Nissan: John Crowder

Happy Friday everyone! On today’s My Nissan chat, we are speaking with John Crowder about his brand new 2020 Nissan Titan. He has had it for a week, but he already loves quite a bit about it. His favorite parts are the interior and exterior upgrades, as well as the 9-speed transmission. The Nissan he would buy next is the Nissan Titan because “I believe it is the best truck in the market by far!”. Thanks, John!
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Throwback Thursday: Sun Favor Speed

Happy Throwback Thursday all! Still looking for that perfect "storm Area 51" vehicle?
Well look no further than this odd looking Nissan concept car known as the Sun Favor.
The Sun Favor was a solar car, powered by the energy of the sun's rays. Solar cars are the ultimate in "clean cars" since they emit no exhaust gases. Companies, universities and research institutes from countries around the world are now working on solar car R& D.
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Tech Tuesday: Cruise Control of the Future

Happy Tech Tuesday everyone! Today we are looking at  Nissan Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC). This works like a standard cruise control, only with the added feature of maintaining a selected distance from the vehicle in front of you. This awesome technology is pushing vehicles into the future of car ownership, and is making every day actions more stress free. 
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Tech Tuesday: Nissan Lane Departure Warning

Happy Tech Tuesday everyone! Today we are taking a look at Nissan’s Lane Departure Warning. This feature is a part of Nissan Safety Shield 360, and is a way to make sure that drivers operate safely without being overly complicated. So how does it work? This awesome technology alerts driver to drifting from their lane with a visual warning and audible or haptic (feeling or touch in the form of vibration) signals. Lane Departure Warning only operates when lane markers can be detected, and is just the beginning of the amazing tech that Nissan has to offer. 
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Tech Tuesday-Remote Engine Start

Happy Tech Tuesday all! Today we are taking a look at the remote engine start on select Nissan models. With the temperatures soaring, remote engine start will make sure that your vehicle is nice and cool before you even leave your home! With a simple press of a button, the remote engine start makes your commute that much easier! #techtuesday #nissan #remoteenginestart
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