Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!

Today we are taking a look at the 1972 Fairlady 240Z-G. The Fairlady Z was developed as the successor to the Fairlady 2000 (SR311). In late November 1969, the S30 (first-generation model) was launched. The first generation FairladyZ S30 (also known as Datsun 240Z) was developed as successor of Datsun Sports 2000 SR311 and released in December 1969 in Japan. At first, only a 2,000cc model was available, but two years later, in November 1971, the 240Z was launched in Japan, and was powered by a 2,400cc engine. It became a big hit not only in Japan but in countries such as North America because of the beautiful styling, improved driving comfort and safety, high performance engine, 4-wheel independent suspension, and the affordable price. This modified model pictured was the fastest grade 240Z-G that was used as a police car in the Kanagawa Prefecture, mainly on the highways.

2400 × 1800