Happy Tech Tuesday everyone! Today we are looking at  Nissan's Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC). This works like a standard cruise control, only with the added feature of maintaining a selected distance from the vehicle in front of you. The distance to the vehicle ahead can be selected at any time depending on the traffic conditions. How does this works? It's very simple really. Each time the distance switch is pushed, the set distance will change to long, medium, short and back to long again.The distance to the vehicle ahead will change according to the vehicle speed. The higher the vehicle speed, the longer the distance.If the vehicle in front is traveling slower than your set speed, the ICC will automatically match that vehicle's speed. Once the road ahead clears, the ICC will resume your set speed automatically. When the road ahead is clear, the driver can set the speed range between approximately 20 to 90 miles per hour. This awesome technology is pushing vehicles into the future of car ownership, and is making every day actions more stress free. 
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