Happy Throwback Thursday all! Still looking for that perfect "storm Area 51" vehicle?
Well look no further than this odd looking Nissan concept car known as the Sun Favor.

The Sun Favor was a solar car, powered by the energy of the sun's rays. Solar cars are the ultimate in "clean cars" since they emit no exhaust gases. Companies, universities and research institutes from countries around the world are now working on solar car R& D.

It used advanced technology such as monolithic silicon solar cells and a primary battery employing silver oxide zinc technology. It achieved second place in the FIA Electro-Solar Cup in Suzuka 1992, received the "Most Outstanding" Award at the Asahi Solar Car Rally in Kobe 1992, and it came in twelve place at the 1993 World Solar Challenge (WSC) in which it traversed the Australia continent from north to south.
2400 × 1800