Maintain Vehicle Safety with Brake Service in Dothan, AL

While you may take it for granted, your vehicle's brakes are vital in maintaining the safety of your vehicle. As they are responsible for bringing thousands of pounds to a stop from highway speeds in a few hundred feet or less, they endure a lot of stress and heat that can wear down the most critical components. At Bondy's Nissan, our expert technicians can help you stay ahead of brake trouble so you can rest assured that you're in a safe vehicle.

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Common Symptoms of Brake Problems

Brake problems can crop up seemingly out of nowhere, so make sure you're periodically paying attention to the performance of your brakes so you aren't caught off guard by an unexpected problem.


Perhaps the most common issue is grinding, which indicates your brake pads are extremely worn. If you hear excessive grinding or scrubbing when applying pressure to the brake pedal, bring your vehicle in for a service immediately. Extremely worn brake pads are not only inefficient at bringing you to a stop, but they can damage your brake rotors as well, costing you even more in repairs if left unchecked. In extreme scenarios you can even damage the brake caliper, resulting in complete brake failure and a very expensive repair.


If you experience a shudder or vibration when applying your brakes, it's likely that you have warped a brake rotor. Commonly experienced on worn rotors, this occurs when your brake rotor can no longer dissipate heat as quickly as needed. The building temperature eventually deforms the metal surface of your rotor and results in a vibration that only occurs while braking.

Soft Pedal

A soft brake pedal can occur for a number of reasons, but the most likely issue is a loss of brake fluid. This can be the result of a simple leak in the hose or a problem with the brake caliper, but in either instance, immediate service is necessary. Without brake fluid your brakes will not be able to stop you effectively, resulting in a dangerous situation behind the wheel.

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